4 Key Open Day Secrets

Open Days are high effort, high energy and now more than ever are guaranteed of success if the marketing build up is multi-faceted and powerful.  Here are 4 key secrets from 2017’s CFM Open Days from across Australia and New Zealand.


1 - Theme and Commitment

Themed events, whilst the concept is older than CFM’s 27 years it’s success rate hasn’t waned.  From Christmas in July, to Tropical, Football, Basketball, Super Hero, they all continue to work, especially when everyone is 100% committed.  Games and challenges have never been easier to promote with the use of live feeds on our social media channels.  Bouncy castles, DJ’s, face painting are really basic ways that set the tone for a great day.

CFM open days

  2 - Multi-faceted Marketing

To promote it – Over the years, through the boom of Telemarketing, to Flyers, Newspaper, TV, Radio, and now Social Media, the biggest lesson we’ve learnt is if one medium is done on its own it simply doesn’t have the impact.  Whilst we can use less of the older styles of marketing, a proper multi-facted approach to pushing your Open Day far exceeds one stream pushed.  The signage, corporate outreach, and local awareness through Buzz and Guerrilla Marketing make’s any Social Media push real and tangible to your prospective members.  The tangibility of your Open Day will double your show rate and new member figures.

 3 - Social Media Event and Lead up

The social media content leading up needs to be consistent and involving.  Involve current members and don’t be afraid to ask for organic reach through shares, likes and importantly, attending or those interested in the Facebook Event.  Live events throughout the day are crucial to help the evening rush.  A tip on you social media content, use videos and put effort into them.  74% of all Social Media traffic are now Videos.  Professional Videos are a must.

    video will dominate the internet this year

    4 - Community Involvement

    Get local businesses involved, and benefiting with a small logo on all of your advertising.  The local stalls and businesses can offer trials, freebies and a small discount for the day, all done at your club during the day.  

    In 2017 to date at CFM, over 900 sales have been made during Open Days, at an average 32 per Day.  That’s 32 people who take the nerve-wracking plunge and commit to a healthier, happier life through a long-term membership, on top of the countless happy current members the atmosphere of the day delivers. 


    written by Liam Robertson, Director of CFM


    An Easy Way to Convert Facebook Followers Into Members

    convert followers into members

    Most Gyms and Health Clubs have a member to Facebook like ratio of about 5%-10%, that is for every 20 people that like your page, 1 of them is a member.

    These people following your page are interested. They are aware they have a need to improve their health and fitness and potentially think that you just might be the place that can help them. These people are your easiest opportunity to grow your membership base, because they have brand awareness of you, a need for help and just require the final push to take the next step. We often pour thousands of dollars into creating more brand awareness, yet we don’t utilize the birds in hand and turn them into sales.

    So how do we get the followers to come into the club, dip their toe into the water and use your facility? I’m going to run through one option of utilizing the successful offer of a 7 day free pass.

    The traditional approach to getting out free passes is to print flyers or cards and distribute these by putting them on the counters of other local businesses, handing them out at Shopping Centres or giving them to local Sporting Clubs. This is effective, but some downsides are that its time consuming, costly to print and requires follow up and maintenance in order to be successful.

    The easier and more effective option is to use Facebook to get the offer out to your followers for you. Once the offer is claimed, Facebook will even send an email to the prospect with the voucher. All they then need to do is present this to you at the Club, you collect their relevant information and away they go.

    How To Do This?

    • Click ‘create an offer’ on your Facebook page
    • Set an expiry date
    • Load an existing or a new 7 day pass image. For the image, use something attractive, simple and relevant to your target market. Also note - Font must not be greater than 25% of the image size.
    • Select ‘Redeem in store’

    So there it is, a successful way to stimulate the followers who need a greater incentive to join. This will get them into your club on a trial and the rest is up to you...


    written by Ben Revitt CFM Head of Business Development

    Ben Revitt has worked for CFM for over 10 years. In that time he has worked at over 60 clubs across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing and social media, Ben has been the Head of Business Development at CFM since 2015.

    What Drives Me?

    Grace Henskes has worked with CFM since August 2015.  Since then she has optimised CFM’s culture and belief.  She is fun, driven and passionate about the industry.  Grace won the 2016 Anthony Charlton Consultants Choice award for her efforts in helping the de-condintioned market and independent club owners across Australia and New Zealand. Here is an article by Grace about her journey so far...


    We go from Day 1 – Day 34, do about 6 – 7 promos a year, and there are countless contributing factors during this time that keep me motivated and driven to continue doing it over and over again.

    From the excitement of being in a new place with new people, to the amazing support base backing each and every one of us, it is hard to pick just one thing that pushes me to try and be the best manager and on-roader I can possibly be.

    But, there is one factor that does stand out, and that would be change.

    First of all, it is extremely important to note that, yes, the travel is awesome. I love every new place I’ve visited, whether its small town Yarrawonga, or even-smaller-town Nanango. Even the fleeting time spent with friends in the city from which I so desperately tried to escape, Auckland, was amazing, but this is not the change I speak of.

    The change I am talking about is the change in the people that walk through the doors of the gym each and every single time, day 1 – day 34, 6 – 7 promos a year.

    My first ever promo was in Mackay, QLD, August 2015.

    My most recent was in Yarrawonga, VIC, June 2017.

    And in between there were many more.

    And every single time I have met people between days 1 and 34 that made me love what I do and forget that what I am doing is my ‘work’.


    I’ve cried, laughed, even cursed with people I have sat down with and made bonds that I will not forget.

    I will not forget that within my first couple of weeks as a CFM Fitness Consultant I had a male that cried to me about his body. This job is so worthwhile. Why? I am helping this man build up his confidence to look in the mirror and like what he sees. I am helping him make a change.

    I will not forget at the beginning of this year I cried with a lady who decided, because of CFM Promo a flyer in her letterbox, that her mental health IS important and she IS worth more. This job is SO worthwhile. Why? I am helping this woman build up her confidence to make the necessary steps in her life to feel happy again. I am helping her make a change.

    I get told pretty often that this must be hard, being on the road. I get asked pretty often how I manage to do it, pack up and leave, not have a base.

    The answer that really makes me enjoy being in gyms 50+, hours a week, day 1 – day 34, 6 – 7 promos a year, is that I see change happen in front of my eyes, and I get to watch people who once felt so low, feel so high and happy within themselves.


    All of that started with us.

    That’s all I need!


     written by Grace Henskes CFM Marketing Manager

    Grace Henskes CFM Marketing Manager


    How Recent Changes To Facebook Advertising Will Help Better Market Your Club.



    Facebook now allows us to Location Target much more accurately with greater control of where the ad is delivering in your area.

    We can target ads to people that are near your gyms physical location to as close as 1km! This allows us to attract people living and working in your area and more likely join your gym. 

    This tool has been a major factor in the success of Facebook advertising to attract new long-term members to your club. So much so that it is now out performing traditional flyers, TV and radio ads!



    Local Awareness ads were one of our most recommended for Gym marketing but in May 2017, Facebook removed this ad type.  

    Local Awareness has now been grouped into the new Awareness Objective, which include Reach Ads, and Brand Awareness Ads. Reach Ads aim to reach the maximum amount of people possible, and Brand Awareness ads aim to target people that are most likely to be interested in your business.



    We recently learned that in Australia and New Zealand, 40% of time use on Facebook is spent within the Messenger App! 

    Because of this we have introduced Traffic Ads to a huge success, which prompts a conversation to start whenever they visit your Facebook page or interact with your ad.

    Any day now they are launching advertising within Messenger. This will allow us to engage our target market whilst they are relaxed, attentive and messaging their friends.

    We can’t wait



    Facebook are constantly changing and updating their advertisings algorithms, unfortunately not always for the better.

     Due to recent changes, Events such us our popular Open Days are more difficult to promote on Facebook. These are changes that we have been assured by our friends at Facebook that will be resolved and improved in the near future.

     In the meantime the best way to promote your event is through organic reach such as encouraging people to share the event and RSVP.


    written by Tess Milani - Social Media @ CFM and Liam Robertson - Director @ CFM



    Don’t let the Frequency rating of your ad get too high

    A high frequency rating will cost you more than you need to spend, and it will annoy your local community. Don’t let your frequency of any one advert get above 1.9.


    Don’t just Boost

    Of course its great to boost your posts but it is absolutely not the best way to get your message out into the community. Each message requires a different approach but Local Awareness, Traffic and even Lead Generation adverts are a great starting point. 


    Don’t ignore your competitions SM presence 

    One of the greatest joys for Marketing Nerds (like those in the CFM offices) is the availability of amazing FB reports. Comparing posts, likes and especially engagement, comments and shares is a good starting point.

    facebook advertising


    Don’t be lazy with your imagery 

    It is easy to grab a quote online and whack it up. But good quality local images or video’s of your members, staff, classes, and community will help your organic reach.  Run competitions for your members and staff to help create your content. If you do want a simple motivational quote use an app like Canva.



    Don’t be slack on replying to messages

    This is simple, the quicker you respond, the more referrals you will get in the long run, and the longer your members will stay.

    Social media advertising infographic



    Don’t expect your Social Media to be your saviour

    in our industry we are motivating procrastinators. It actually makes marketing more strategic and enjoyable.  But it absolutely means that a multi-faceted approach is key.  Our prospects want ‘A SIGN’ to make the commit to join your club.  To create this we need an average of 7 touches.  That is buzz, guerrilla, community outreach all coupled with an ongoing social media approach.

    written by Liam Robertson, Director CFM